SHOPDOME.COM - Detailed Shopping Instructions

Welcome to ShopDome! We’re sure you will find the ShopDome Community to be an enjoyable, web-based shopping and learning experience. If this is your first visit to ShopDome, please browse through our policies and procedures. This is the detailed, long version of how to shop at ShopDome. There’s also a short version in case you are already familiar with on-line shopping. If, after reading these pages, and the Visitors FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, you still have questions or concerns, please contact us.

  1. Logging On (Members) or First-Time Information
  2. If you are a ShopDome Community Member, you can log in using your ShopDome password and your email address. By logging in, your personal information, stored on ShopDome’s secure servers, is used to complete your purchase information forms automatically.

    If you are a First-Time user, we need to find out where you want your order shipped, where we can email your confirmation information, and your preferred method of payment. Once you enter this information, your data will be stored on our secure servers, and you will also be able to log in using your email address and ShopDome password. When you make any purchase at ShopDome, you are automatically enrolled in our no-charge, no-obligation, ShopDome Community Membership Program

    It is not necessary to become a member, or to sign in with ShopDome in order to make use of the site, but when you discover the advantages of ShopDome membership, we’re certain you’ll want to become a member. It IS necessary to complete the log-in form in order to make use of the shopping portion of the ShopDome site. is a secure site for your personal information. It has been designed to protect customers from Internet-based security problems and implement safe, worry-free shopping.

    You may not know this, but when you use your credit card on ShopDome, your credit card information is actually more secure than when you use it in a restaurant, gas station or regular store.

    Your personal information is NOT sold or released to any outside agency group or individual, and your email address will not be used for any unsolicited purpose. For more information, please review our Privacy policy.

  3. Navigating the ShopDome E-Commerce Marketplace

    1. Selecting a Store
    2. The ShopDome site is divided into product categories, each of which may have multiple stores. From the ShopDome main page you can select a store from one of our popular categories, or perform a keyword search of the entire ShopDome site, using the search box in the ShopDome header bar. The keyword search will return a list of stores where you might find products matching your search.

    3. Navigating the Store

When you select a particular store from one of our popular categories, you’ll first visit the store’s home page. This page provides information about the store, a menu of products or product categories, and a set of In-Store Navigation Buttons prominently displayed within the store’s home page.

This set of buttons lets you:

  • find out more about the store (‘Store Info’)

  • return to the store’s home page at any time (‘Store Home’)

  • select product or services categories (as labeled for each Merchant)

  • check your shopping cart to review purchases (‘Shopping Cart’)

These buttons always appear within the store’s page and apply to that particular store.

In addition to the navigation buttons, there is a keyword search box specific to each store prominently displayed on the home page. This lets you search for products within the store, and will generate a list of all matching products.

Please Note: At all times you have access to the ShopDome Marketplace through the Navigation Bar at the top of every ShopDome page.

    1. Selecting a Product or Category
    2. Picking a product category from the menu will take you to a page which lists the products offered by the Merchant in your chosen category. In most cases, clicking on a product will give you detailed product information, and display an ‘Add to Cart’ button which lets you select that product for purchase.

    3. Choice of Currency
    4. You can select whether prices are displayed in U.S. or Canadian currency.

    5. Selecting a Product for Purchase

When you find a ShopDome product or service you wish to order, simply click on the conveniently-located ‘Add to Cart’ button. If you are a ShopDome community member, and have logged in, you will notice that much of your standard order forms are already completed, although you can revise it as required.

If you are new to the site, or have not yet logged in, you will see the log-in screen, where the information we need to process your order can be entered. Your email address and password are all that is required to log back in to ShopDome, so we recommend that you remember what they are.

  1. Shopping
  2. All transactions are handled directly by ShopDome when you use our Shopping Basket to make on-line purchases. The Merchant is not paid until we receive confirmation that your goods have been SHIPPED.

    1. Shopping Cart
    2. While in a Merchant’s store, you can continue to add items to your Shopping Cart. At any time, you can review what’s in your Shopping Cart by clicking the ‘Shopping Cart’ button. You can review this list and add or subtract items. When you have finished shopping at that store, click on the ‘Process Order’ button to go to the Shopping Cart page and confirm the list of your purchases.

      Like a regular shopping mall, each order is completed as you leave a particular store. When you click on the ‘Submit Form’ button, you will proceed to the Shipping Page.

    3. Shipping Page
    4. On the Shipping Page, you will see a choice of shipping methods, and the ‘Ship To:’ address form, which will already have your current address information filled in. If you want your purchase shipped to a different address, you may enter it directly in the form.

      The default shipping method is the lowest-cost, based on your ‘Ship To:’ address. When you are finished, click on the ‘Submit Form’ button to go to the Final Purchase Approval page.

    5. Final Purchase Approval Page
    6. The Final Purchase Approval page will confirm your order and total, including shipping charges and taxes, as applicable. This is also the page where you are asked to provide credit card information over our secure sockets layer (SSL) connection.

      We understand that this is an area of concern for many people new to internet shopping. Please feel free to review our Security policy to assure yourself that your information is safe at ShopDome.

    7. Confirmation

Once you are satisfied with the details, click ‘Submit Form’ and your order will be sent to ShopDome. You will see the order information on your browser, and receive a ShopDome order notification by email. You will also receive an email order confirmation from the Merchant. When your order is shipped, an email confirming shipping is forwarded to you. Once shipping is confirmed, ShopDome releases the funds to the Merchant - not before.

  1. ShopDome Iron-Clad Guarantee
  2. Goods ordered from ShopDome will be satisfactory, or your money will be refunded on goods returned within 30 days. Individual Merchants may offer extended or enhanced warranty protection, or have specific restrictions or conditions on returns. Please be sure to read the specific returns policies of the individual Merchants.

  3. Delivery
  4. Generally speaking, ShopDome purchases can be delivered anywhere in the world. Delivery charges, if any, will be automatically calculated by the Shopping Cart and included on your final invoice. The delivery information applicable to any purchase is available for each ShopDome Merchant under ‘Shipping and Handling’. Where applicable, you will be able to select your preferred method of shipment. Please see Shipping for more details.

  5. Taxes and Duties
  6. Local, state or provincial, and federal taxes and duties, if applicable, will be included in the Shopping Cart total and included on your final invoice. Duties and Excise Taxes levied by foreign countries are not included, and you are responsible for these separately.

  7. Returns
  8. If you ever need to return a ShopDome purchase, you can do so DIRECTLY TO THE MERCHANT by mail, courier, or at the Merchant’s physical store. Returns policies for each Merchant are noted on the Merchant Confirmation you receive. ShopDome recommends that you keep copies of all your paperwork, and contact the Merchant before shipping your purchase for refund. Be sure to include a copy of your original invoice/confirmation.

  9. ShopDome Customer Satisfaction Hotline
  10. If you require assistance or information at any time, on any topic, email us at

  11. Contacting Our Merchants

For specific product information, catalogs, or answers to detailed questions, our Merchant affiliates can be contacted using the contact information listed on each Merchant’s site.

Enjoy Your ShopDome Experience