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What is ShopDome?

ShopDome is a virtual, on-line community, providing ShopDome Community Members with a wide range of information, activities and convenience features, such as on-line shopping at the Market Square, local and national news, weather and sports, traffic conditions and highway cameras, restaurant listings and much more. We encourage members to participate actively in the ShopDome community because we believe communities bring people together. Because it is important to give something back to the community, ShopDome supports charitable and not-for-profit organizations within the ShopDome framework, with donations and fundraising promotions to benefit these organizations’ good works.

See for yourself! Discover new and interesting services, organizations, people and places in the ShopDome community. ShopDome is centered around the secure and efficient Market Square on-line shopping environment. The ShopDome retailers you find in the Market Square are established, "bricks and mortar" merchants. You can be assured that you are doing business with a real store, service or professional office. You can call our retailers to inquire about, or confirm your order. You can even visit our on-line businesses, if they are nearby.

If you are interested in on-line shopping, be sure to check out our ShopDome Advantage Plus Program, and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Although ShopDome.com provides the best in safe, secure, on-line shopping, there is much, much more. Check the local weather and highway cameras before you leave for work. Select a restaurant for a business meeting or dinner date. Catch up on the latest news and sports scores. Participate in the on-line community bulletin board and charitable organizations. Make use of professional services. For fun and relaxation, load up an on-line game, or download your horoscope.

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