Shipping Information Page

Shipping Address

When you purchase an item from a ShopDome merchant, it is shipped by the merchant to your preferred ‘Ship To:’ address, which is normally your home address. However, on the Shipping Page you have the opportunity to change the ‘Ship To:’ address and have your order shipped to another address. You might want to have a gift shipped directly to a relative, for instance.

Shipping Methods

Each ShopDome merchant selects the shipping company or companies which the merchant determines to provide the best service to the merchant's market. Each merchant may specify a maximum of four different shipping methods. Some of the more popular are:

  1. United Parcel Service (UPS)

  2. FedEx Courier Service

  3. Purolator Courier Service

  4. Loomis Courier Service

  5. Canadian Parcel Service

  6. Canada Post

In addition to shipment by courier or mail, the merchant may offer 'pick-up' as an option for customers within driving distance of one of the merchant's retail stores. If this option is offered, it will be located on the 'Shipping Methods' pull-down menu on the shipping page.

You can find the address of the Merchant on the ‘About Our Store’ page on the Merchant’s home page to determine if there is a store near you.

Shipping Charges

When you enter your ‘Ship To:’ address and select a shipping method, your shipping charges are automatically calculated by the ShopDome e-commerce computers based on standard rate tables for the shipping company and your 'Ship To:' address, and are added to your total. 

If the merchant only offers one shipping method, it is automatically selected and the corresponding charges calculated and added to your invoice once you fill in the 'Ship To:' address.

NOTE: The automatic shipping charge feature is currently implemented for North America only. For orders outside the U.S. and Canada, we ask that you contact the merchant directly by phone or email. 

Taxes and Duties

For orders in the U.S. and Canada, applicable local taxes are automatically calculated, based on the ‘Ship To:’ address and the location of the Merchant. Therefore, if a customer orders from a store in in the same state or province, any local, federal, state or provincial taxes will be calculated automatically. Taxes and shipping charges will appear on the Final Purchase Approval page once the Shipping Page is complete and you click the 'Submit Form' button.

Please note: ShopDome does not automatically add duties or other taxes which may be payable in other countries, and you will be responsible for any such duties or taxes, generally upon receipt of your order.

More Info

If you have additional questions on shipping, please email us at