1. Security
  2. has been designed from the ground up to ensure that our customers, members and merchants can enjoy our unique blend of features and services in a safe, secure environment.

    1. Personal Information
    2. Everyone understands that ShopDome requires a certain amount of personal information to be able to provide customized services and on-line shopping. We at ShopDome understand that all your personal information belongs to you. Your personal information is placed in safekeeping in a secure, encrypted, confidential database. Your personal information, including your email address, is kept strictly confidential. It is NOT sold or given out to anyone.

      ShopDome supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, for the secure transfer of your personal data. Your connection to the secure ShopDome server is authenticated, preventing an unauthorized computer from intercepting your data. Your data is transmitted in encrypted form, which prevents it from being read except by the ShopDome server. The integrity of your data is checked to make sure that your data wasn’t altered during transmission.

      In this way, your payment and other personal information is protected on the Internet with ShopDome.

      All your purchases are processed directly by ShopDome, so you provide your personal data only once, to ShopDome’s secure server, not once to each supplier.

    3. ShopDome Credit Card Security Guarantee
    4. In the event that your credit card information is intercepted while you are shopping on-line at, and fraudulent purchases or charges are made using your credit card information through no fault of your own, we will guarantee the amount not covered by the credit card issuing institution. You, the customer are completely protected while shopping at ShopDome.

      Please note that you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures in case of unauthorized use of your credit card.

    5. Privacy will only contact you as necessary in the course of your normal interaction with the site. We do not send out email messages, notices or advertising to our customers and members, except where our customers or members REQUEST information or updates. We will honor your request to be removed from any such requested mailing at any time.

  3. On-Line Shopping Customer Satisfaction
  4. When you place an order with a merchant through ShopDome’s One-Stop Shopping Basket, the funds are not transferred to the merchant until ShopDome receives confirmation that the order has been shipped.

    In addition, your credit card information is NOT passed on to merchants when you place an order through ShopDome.

    If you require assistance or information at any time, on any topic, please email us at

  5. ShopDome’s Iron-Clad Guarantee
  6.’s Iron-Clad Guarantee ensures that you will be completely satisfied with any product you purchase through If you are not completely satisfied, return your purchase DIRECTLY TO THE MERCHANT within 30 days, by mail, courier, or at the Merchant’s physical store, in the original packaging for a full, unconditional refund.

    Returns policies for each Merchant are noted on the Merchant Confirmation you receive. ShopDome recommends that you keep copies of all your paperwork, and contact the Merchant before shipping your purchase for refund. Be sure to include a copy of your original invoice/confirmation.

    In addition to ShopDome’s Iron-Clad Guarantee, individual merchants may offer additional or extended guarantees. Certain conditions or restrictions may apply to some products. If you are in any doubt, please confirm the applicable conditions at the time of purchase.

  7. Taxes
  8. For orders in the U.S. and Canada, applicable local taxes are automatically calculated, based on the ‘Ship To:’ address and the location of the Merchant. Therefore, if a customer orders from a store in in the same state or province, any local, federal, state or provincial taxes will be calculated automatically and will appear on the total before the purchase is finalized.

    As an example, if your purchase is delivered within Canada from a merchant within Canada, the 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applicable. If your purchase is shipped from the same state or province as your ‘Ship To’ address, State or Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is charged at the rate applicable for that province. State and Provincial tax is not charged on out-of-state/province deliveries.

    This amount will be clearly shown, along with your shipping charges, on the Final Purchase Approval page, once the Shipping Page is complete and you click the 'Submit Form' button.

    You should be aware that some countries levy duties and taxes on imported goods, which you must pay at the time you receive your purchase. Such duties and taxes are NOT prepaid, are not included in your Final Purchase Approval total, and therefore are not reflected on your invoice or confirmation notice.

  9. Members
  10. While you don’t have to become a ShopDome member to use the non-shopping part of the site, you DO need to provide the information necessary to use the shopping portion of the site. Doing so automatically registers you as a ShopDome Community Member, at no cost or obligation on your part.

    ShopDome Community Membership is free, painless, and provides many value-added benefits and features, as outlined on our Community Members page, including customer rewards programs when shopping. When you become a ShopDome Community Member, the secure registration is your personal identification at ShopDome, allowing us to enhance your entire ShopDome experience while on-line with us.

    As with any personal information you entrust us with, your membership information is held in strict confidence, can be accessed only on your authorization, and will be removed upon request at any time. (See our Privacy Policy.)

    It is not necessary to become a member, or to sign in with ShopDome in order to make use of the site, but when you discover the advantages of ShopDome membership, we’re certain you’ll want to become a member.

  11. Terms and Conditions

Our lawyers made us put this stuff in. We’ve tried to translate it into English. If you are unsure about any of these terms and conditions, please contact us.

When you access the web site, the on-line shopping marketplace, the ShopDome community or any other part of ShopDome, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • that provides various types of content without guaranteeing its accuracy, completeness or suitability for any particular purpose.

  • that ShopDome cannot be held responsible for any content in Internet sites linked to ShopDome but which are operated by others and which ShopDome does not control directly.

  • that in case of any discrepancy between information provided by and information provided by a ShopDome merchant, the merchant’s information is considered to be correct.

  • that mistakes happen, and does not need to honor or compensate for incorrect product or pricing information, delays, shortages, back-orders, extra charges or other unforeseen events.

  • that Inc. and any related companies or individuals will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of the Internet site.

  • that the Internet site, the domain name ‘’ and all the original material available on or through the Internet site, is copyright Ó 2003 by Inc. All rights reserved.

  • that no material from the Internet site or any related sites may be used in any way without the express, written permission of Inc.

  • that Inc. may disclose personal user information as required by law.

  • that Inc. reserves the right to amend its policies at any time.